Bibz Priori

Styles: Eclectic
Bibzie Priori was born and raised in the culturally-rich Brandywine Valley in PA, so it is no wondering why her interest in art started as a child. Her mother, a talented artist herself, recognized that Bibzie had talent to go along with her interest and encouraged her to enroll in a dedicated high school art program. There she studied art history, theory, and technique. Bibzie was president of the Art Club and worked with the Drama team designing sets and props for high school performances. Bibzie took a break from painting and sketching to raise her family. During which time, she developed into a skilled photographer and studied digital art. With these new skills, she landed jobs that included Intranet Design/Administration with a major cell company, and event photography where she could combine her artistic talents, digital art, and photography. Today, being retired in Florida, Bibzie has again taken up her painting tools to persue her interests in painting. Still searching for that "BibZ" look, she is experimenting with many styles. Please take a moment of your time to look through the BibZ Collection.