Let Us Turn Your Photo Into A Painting!

   We can make your photo have the look and feel of an original oil painting on canvas.  People who see it hanging on your wall will think it is a painting – NOT a photograph made “painterly.”  Most on-line photo print shops and big-box stores who claim to offer this service do nothing more than apply digital “filters” that distort your image; then they increase the contrast and color saturation to make it look “colorful” and print it on cheap canvas.

   At Artfinity we start by examining the composition of the image and rearranging it so that it looks like a painting. This may involve cropping, removing unwanted persons/objects, perhaps totally replacing the background with painted brush strokes, adding light and shadows, etc. Then we “paint” over the image using digital paint brushes that leave very realistic brush strokes that follow the contours of the subject(s). After we print the image on canvas, we use real artist brushes to apply a transparent texture that follows the brush strokes in the image – the result is an artwork that has the composition, the look, feel and the texture of a beautiful painted portrait.

Dressed to Thrill 16” x 20” 

World in her hands APM

The World in Her Hand 18” x 24”

At The Beach 22" x 28"

Good Doggie! 12" x 16"

Young Ballerina 18" x 24"

Lemme Outa Here! 14" x 18"


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